Resources for Outreach in Support of Families Affected by “Zero Tolerance” Policy

Resources for Outreach in Support of Families Affected by “Zero Tolerance” Policy


AAP statement opposing a new policy from the Department of Homeland Security to separate children and parents at the border.

“As physician experts in mental health, the American Psychiatric Association opposes any policy that separates children from their parents at the United States border.

Statement attributable to:Ana María López, MD, MPH, FACPPresident, American College of Physicians

For Faculty: This is a letter put together by faculty (of all fields, many non-medical) from universities across the U.S.

This link leads you to the letter, and the link at the top of the letter itself leads you to the signature page. Signing takes probably 5 seconds or less.

For Faculty and Residents: This is a letter being sent on behalf of physicians, medical students, and allied health professions across the U.S.   Signing takes about a minute.

This is a letter in support of keeping families together at the border.

Useful Background Information:

With nearly 2,000 immigrant children separated from their parents in just six weeks alone, there is an unprecedented human rights disaster unfolding at our border. As public outrage mounts, members of Congress demand access to government-run facilities, and the United Nations condemns us, the Trump administration is attempting to shift the blame — fast.

Separating immigrant kids from parents “really is nothing less than government-sanctioned child abuse,” the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

Resources to donate, volunteer, and useful info so that you can EASILY call your representatives:

The Trump administration’s directive to separate parents and kids at the border has been perceived as very cruel. Here’s how to help these families today.

If you’re horrified by news of families being separated at the borders, here’s a bit of news you can use. First, the policy: It helps to be incredibly clear on what the law is, and what has and has not changed. When Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders say that the policy of separating …

The ACLU has a script to help you feel confident calling your representatives:

Your voice can help put an end to the Department of Homeland Security’s cruel and needless practice of tearing apart immigrant families.

Why Donate??

Immigrants, even children, have no guarantee of legal representation as they pursue asylum or face deportation. Most do not know their rights or speak English well enough to represent themselves. In 75 percent of cases where children had counsel, an immigration judge determined they had a strong enough claim for asylum or humanitarian protection and allowed them to stay in the United States.

The proposed Fair Day in Court for Kids Act would require the government to appoint counsel to unaccompanied children, and it’s important to ask Congress to support its passage. Until then, there are several nonprofits providing vital free legal aid that need financial support.” —

Upcoming protests being organized:

Donald Trump and his administration are cruelly separating children from their families. But we won’t allow it to continue. On June 30, we’re rallying in Washington, D.C., and around the country to tell Donald Trump and his administration to stop separating kids from their parents! Trump and his administration have been systematically criminalizing immigration and immigrants, from revoking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to ramping up intimidating ICE tactics.  Join us on June 30 to send a clear message to Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress: Families Belong Together!  If there’s not an event near you, keep checking back or create an event at the link below.

Let’s continue to grow this movement! The government is not willing to change the policy, thousands of children have been separated from their parents…

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